Tire Maintenance: A Key to Safe Driving

If you think about it, it only makes sense that keeping your tires well maintained and properly inflated is a key in keeping safe on the road..after all, your tires are your one and only connection to the road. This is one area of your vehicle that should never be compromised. Interestingly enough, many ignore their tires, checking the pressure and tread maybe two or three times per year. Tire maintenance is so easy and quick, though, that it is well worth it to make this a regular task.

First, you will want to read the manual that came with the car and locate the tire section. In there, you will see various tidbits of information regarding how much air should be in the tires, when to refill, air pressure, load rating, etc. These are all very important to ensure your tires won’t fail due to preventable issues. Checking your tire pressure is very easy, and yet only about 15% of drivers actually check their tire’s pressure every month. Also, don’t forget to check your spare tire either, because that very well can be on your car if you have a flat tire at some point. Having your dealership perform regular rotations will ensure that equal wear is given to each tire, which will make them last longer as a group. Tires should be rotated about every 5,000 miles, or twice a year.

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Happy and Safe Driving in the New Year

As many of us reflect on the past year on this New Year’s Eve of 2010, lets remember to make sure that we keep the road safe; not only tonight, but throughout 2011 and beyond. In fact, safe driving is a perfect new year’s resolution.

To sum up safe driving would be to say that you are mentally alert as well as completely focused on driving, and only driving. The first step of safe driving is mental clarity. This means no drinking and driving, and to avoid driving when you are tired. If you find yourself tired and on the road, pull over, get out and stretch, and find a caffeinated beverage and something to eat to refuel your energy level. We all know driving under the influence severely impacts your ability to drive safely. If you know you will be drinking plan ahead and get a designated driver. If not, then call a cab.

The next step in a new year in safe driving is to promise yourself to be focused only on driving when you are behind the wheel. If you must text or talk on the phone then pull over. Statistics show that texting while driving is right up there with drinking and driving as far as no-nos go while behind the wheel. Distracted driving, which includes eating, drinking and even fiddling with the navigation system or radio, cause thousands and thousands of accidents, injuries, and worse every year. Another key to being focused on your task is to be aware of the other drivers around you. Watch out for and avoid other drivers who seem to be driving erratically or aggressively. It doesn’t matter whether it is because of tiredness, alcohol or sheer arrogance. Telltale signs are tailgating, wobbling within a lane or drifting into another, or swooshing across all there lanes to pass those who are staying within the legal speed limits.

Once you know you have mental clarity and are not preoccupied by any type of distractions, the last step is to drive smart. Control anger and agitation while on the road. If you find yourself speeding to get places on time, then make a resolution to leave five minutes earlier than you normally would. Because, as we all know, getting pulled over for speeding will only make you later.

So take a moment to think about how you can improve your driving. Keeping yourself, your family, as well as other drivers safe on the road is a perfect New Year’s resolution!

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Tips to Organize Your Car

While a car is one of American’s biggest investment, many do not have the time or patience to keep it clean. Whether the mess is from the kids, or from spending ours in your vehicle on your daily commute, drivers can have a tough time keeping the cabin of their car organized. Newer vehicles have many organizational features, such as cargo dividers and storage nooks, so if you find yourself overwhelmed with getting your car cleaned, and keeping it cleaned, just follow our tips

The first step is to take everything out of your vehicle. This includes child safety seats, CDs, and trunk and cargo area items. Make a pile for trash, and then organize everything else in categories that make sense to you. For example you may have items that you keep in your car only for emergencies, and you may make a pile of items that you use often, such as car chargers, and items to keep the kids occupied such as books. For anything that is not necessary to have in your car – take it out and store it elsewhere.

If you are having trouble narrowing down what you keep in your car – think about what your needs really are, do you use your vehicle to tote a bunch of kids around? Do you car pool with co-workers? Do you drive clients around? Think about what do you need to keep close at hand and what can be relegated to the second row or back of the car?

The next step is to find a place for everything – so that when you are done using the item you will know where to put, and where to find it the next time. Furthermore, in the event of a sudden stop or a crash, loose items can also damage your car or, worse, injure your occupants. Automotive accessory shops offer a variety of cargo containers and organizers for every part of the car, from leakproof litter bags, CD storage and trunk organizers to drink coolers, folding hangers and kids’ entertainment centers. It is well worth it to make use of the storage areas in your vehicle as well as investing in some organizational accessories.

Store items you use regularly in places where you can reach them. And make a rule that nothing goes on the floor, not even even trash. Once you start messing up the floor, you’ll find it too easy to keep adding to it, and soon your car will be cluttered again! If necessary keep a small trash bag in a handy place. Once you have a clean, well organized car life will not only be easier, but you will enjoy your time on the road much much more.

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