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Honda Factories Go Green

Honda has made many great achievements with its variety of successful ‘green car’s. Between the CR-Z Sport Hybrid, the Insight Hybrid, the Civic Hybrid, the Civic GX (Natural Gas powered), and the FCX Clarity (Fuel-Cell powered) Honda has an impressive lineup of alternative fuel vehicles. Honda not only offers consumers green vehicles, they have made a commitment to developing environmental friendly factories.

All major Honda plants worldwide already meet the toughest international environmental management standards (ISO 14001), covering a host of environmental areas, such as waste disposal, water treatment and energy use.  Raw materials used in Honda’s manufacturing process are not just sent to landfills—they are reused in the most efficient ways possible. For example, leftover raw steel from stamping is used for engine and brake components. Recycling is also a focus at Honda. Honda has annually received up to $1.2 million in revenue from recycling paper, cardboard and plastic from Honda facilities.