How to Enter the Honda Civic Radio Code

February 28th, 2019 by

2019 Honda Civic radio close upWondering why your Honda Civic radio is prompting you to enter a code? In the event that you replace your battery or your battery dies and then is jumped, you will be asked to enter this code. Before you start hunting for a code, try holding the radio power button for a few seconds and see if the radio starts. Often times this will be enough and no code will be necessary. If this doesn’t work, read on to learn how to find and enter your Honda Civic radio code.

Finding Your Honda Civic Radio Code

If you find yourself locked out of your Honda Civic radio functions, there are three ways to find the code you need to resume access:

  1. Check inside your glovebox or owner’s manual for the code. You’ll usually find it on a sticker with the radio serial number.
  2. Access your code online via the OEM site. To get the code online, you’ll need to enter some information first. Make sure you have your zip code, phone number, email address, VIN number, and radio serial number handy.
  3. If you want or need help getting your code, you can schedule an appointment at the Airport Marina Honda service center near Culver City. Our certified technicians specialize in Honda and can quickly find the code for you.

How to Enter Your Honda Civic Radio Code

Once you have your code, it is easy to restore your Honda Civic radio functions. Simply enter the code using the radio preset buttons on your Civic. So, if your Honda Civic radio code is “44771,” you would press “4” twice, “7” twice, and “1” once. Once you enter the code your system should unlock and you should have instant access to your Honda Civic radio functions.

Rely on Airport Marina Honda for Your Service Needs

The team at the Airport Marina Honda service center can provide tips and advice on everything from finding your Honda Civic radio code to resetting the Civic oil light, and how to connect to the HondaLink® app. If you’d like more information, or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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